Great Shelford is a thriving village of around 5,000 people in South Cambridgeshire. The village is about three miles south of Cambridge itself.


Vacancies at the Parish Council

The Parish Council have vacancies for

  1. An Assistant to the Parish Clerk   See Details
  2. A New Parish Councilor  See Details Apply by July 2017

Parking Changes

The following documents detail the proposed parking changes for consultation

Changes to Highways in the Village

After many months of discussion between the Parish Council and the County Council the TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders) for changes to yellow lining and the crossing in Woollards Lane within the village have been advertised.

Notices have been posted in the village (on lampposts) indicating that changes will be taking place and giving the right to object, any objections must be lodged by 8th June 2017.

Areas involved are:

Westfield Road, Stonehill Road, Maris Green, Elms Avenue, Buristead Road, Ashen Green, Church Street/High Street, Chaston Road, Orchard Road, Leeway Avenue – will all have junction double yellow lines.

Ashen Green removal of parking restrictions opposite Free Church to create 6 spaces.

High Street removal of parking restrictions near Ashen Green to create 6 spaces.

Woollards Lane – various involving the zebra crossing / double yellows / prohibition on waiting and loading

Church Street – additional double yellows and removal of parking

Hinton Way – single and double yellows near the level crossing. Timed parking bays near the new Post Office.

It is hoped that the changes will address some of the parking issues within the village, however they will not solve every problem.

Not shown within the documentation is the provision of APMs (access parking markings), these will appear near Barkers (Butchers), Square and Compasses and Maris Green to discourage parking in front of driveways.

A 20mph zone will be implemented in all of High Street, Church Street, Woollards Lane and side streets at the same time.

Reminder: if you see illegal parking in the village, report it at http://tinyurl.com/SouthCambs-Parking It’s the only way we can get the Police to take action.

Update May 2017

Update February 2017

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