Chair: Bridget Hodge
Members: Mike Nettleton, David Coggins, Peter Fane, Helen Harwood, Angela Milson, Charlie Nightingale, Ben Shelton, Simon Talbott.
Responsibilities: Discussion and approval of planning applications. 

Recreation & Pavilion

Chair: Malcolm Watson
Members: Mike Nettleton, Barrie Ashurst, Ben Shelton, Simon Talbott, Richard Davies, Stefan Harris-Wright.


Chair: Barrie Ashurst
Members: Mike Nettleton, David Coggins, Charlie Nightingale, Ben Shelton, Simon Talbott, Stefan Harris-Wright, Angela Milson.

Cemetery & Allotments

Chair: Helen Harwood
Members: Mike Nettleton, Barrie Ashurst, Angela Milson, Richard Davies, Carrie Hillard.
Responsibilities:  The Cemetery & Allotments Committee has responsibility for the parish council’s two allotment sites at Cambridge Road and Stonehill Road. The parish cemetery is on Cambridge Road, and day-to-day business relates to care and maintenance. We aim to provide an attractive and peaceful spot for burials and for the bereaved to spend a quiet hour.

Finance and General Purpose

Chair: Mike Nettleton
Members: Bridget HodgeHelen Harwood, Barrie Ashurst, Malcolm Watson.