GSPC Election on May 2nd 2019

We are likely to have to have an election for one Parish Councillor on 2nd May 2019. As background, the electoral process for Parish Councils is as follows:

  • If a councillor resigns or is removed mid-term, normal procedure is to publish a notice of vacancy allowing ten or more electors time to request SCDC for an election to be held. If no such request is received, then the Parish Council may go ahead and co-opt to that position.
  • However, if ten or more residents wish, they can ask SCDC to hold an election for that position only. This is what has happened and it will necessitate a fullblown election for one seat (We have assumed here that there will be more than one candidate – as we personally know of three already).
  • Every four years all Parish Councillors stand down. Nominations are then sought for new councillors. If the number of nominations is less or equal the number of seats, all the nominees are elected unopposed. This was what happened with GSPC in 2018. If the number of nominations is more than the number of seats, then an election is held. It’s important to understand that this is a ‘full-blown’ election, so polling stations, tellers, etc. It is a very onerous process.
  • The election incurs a significant expense for the village – £3,000-£4,000 (note that this could happen several times a year).What GSPC intends to do is:
  • Set up a Hustings meeting to allow all candidates to be interviewed by GSPC and any villagers who wish to attend. This has been set for 11th April at 7pm in the Memorial Hall.
  • GSPC to decide on their preferred / most suitable candidate and inform villagers of that preference. It is obviously up to individual villagers to decide whether to take that recommendation or vote for an alternative candidate on 2nd May.
  • We have asked SCDC to circulate poll cards to all Village residents.Note
  • Whilst a Hustings is unusual for Parish Councillor Elections, the process is allowable
  • It is not compulsory for any Nominated individual to take part in the Hustings
  • If more than one Nomination is received by SCDC, the Election process will take place with full costs
  • If only one Nomination is received by SCDC, that Nomination will be accepted without an Election process and full costs
  • If No Nominations are received by SCDC, we have to keep re-running the election until at least one candidate comes forward.For further information, election timetables and nomination papers contact either the Parish Clerk or SCDC electoral services.