Memorial Hall Car Park Closure Sunday 2nd December 2018

The Car Park will be closed off from 0600hrs on Sunday 2nd December 2018 and will remain closed until the Monday morning. No vehicles or equipment are allowed to be in the car park from the closure date and time.  Any vehicles or equipment found in the Car Park on Sunday morning will be removed by a contractor with significant charges and fees made for recovery of the vehicle or equipment. Please observe all barriers and cones as a safety precaution

Parish Council Authorises Feasibility Study for New Car Park and Replacement of Memorial Hall.

At the September Parish Council meeting GSPC agreed to commission a Feasibility Study into building a new car park and replacing the existing Memorial Hall. This follows on from initial ideas generated over the last nine months or so. The aim is to present the Feasibility Study to the village in April 2019, with enough detail to allow the Parish Council and village to proceed to a detailed design. Completion of the detailed design would then be the final checkpoint before deciding whether to go ahead with construction. The Terms of Reference for the Feasibility Study are here.

The project will potentially be of huge benefit to the village, but GSPC recognises it is also potentially high risk in terms of costs and disruption. By taking a phased approach we believe we can mitigate these risks and give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the project and review its viability before we commit to major expenditure.

Click here to see the terms of reference for the study.


Parish Council Open Meeting on Highway Issues 26th September

The Parish Council is holding an open meeting on the 26th September at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall to report to residents progress on the recent changes and to present future proposals. The meeting will offer the opportunity to give feedback and to input suggestions for change. Issues could include yellow lines, loading bays, disabled parking, possible car-park restrictions (pay and timing), road and pavement issues and traffic flows. All are welcome. For more info:

Barrie Ashurst 07803 001985
Stefan Harris-Wright 07990 846955

*Edit click here for presentation slides from this meeting*

Free Logs Available

A number of Trees at the Cemetery are being trimmed or felled as part of a tidy up in the area. Logs from the tree work will be freely available over the next 2 to 3 days, stored at the area adjacent to the Cemetery car park. Please take care when collecting any logs if tree work is ongoing.

“Big Issue” Discussion at the Shelford Feast

A number of Paris Councillors were at the Feast on Sunday to discuss ‘big issues’ with residents. The main areas covered were:

  • Green belt and affordable housing
  • Memorial Hall and car park redevelopment
  • Additional recreational space for the village
  • Public toilets on the rec.

The presentation that was handed out can be found here. We also have a feedback form here. We would really appreciate it if you could complete the form and return it to us.

Asian Food Van to Visit Great Shelford Every Wednesday


For a trial 3 month period the Parish Council have agreed to allow a food van to set up shop every Wednesday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm in the Memorial Hall car park . This business will offer Taiwanese Bao and asian influenced bowl food, alternating weekly between a traditional and a vegetarian menu.  The Parish Council is keen to receive village residents feedback on this business as we will be reviewing its presence in the village on a monthly basis. For any comments, please contact the parish clerk at