Lantern replacments in Abberley Wood

Cambridgeshire County Council’s service provider will shortly be carrying out a lantern replacement programme in Abberley Wood. The existing street lighting lanterns will be replaced with more energy efficient LED lanterns which will produce a white light. The works to replace the lanterns will not involve any excavations in the road/footpath and each lantern replacement will be completed within one working day. The effected lanterns are LC3 to 13.

How to Report Potholes in Great Shelford

Are you concerned about a pothole in the village?

Potholes on the public highway are the responsibility of the Local Highways Authority, which in the case of Great Shelford is Cambridgeshire County Council.  Potholes can be reported to the County Council via their “Reportit” facility at the following web address, which is also linked on the Parish Council website:

Whether a pothole is eligible for repair and, if so, how long the County Council has to repair it, depends upon the County Council’s criteria, which can be found here:

The Parish Council is being pro-active in reporting qualifying potholes to the County Council.  It is also keen to assist parish residents with the process of ensuring that qualifying potholes are repaired by the County Council in a timely manner.

If you are unsure about how to report a pothole for repair, please feel free to contact the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Parish Council’s Highways Sub-Committee, Barrie Ashurst or Stefan Harris-Wright ( or 07803001985 / or 07990846955)”

Details of The Parish Precept 2018-2019

The Parish Council, like the District and County Councils, raises money for its expenditure from your council tax. The Parish Council element of the council tax is called the Parish Precept.

The Parish Council has now submitted its budget and you will be wanting to know how much we are asking you to pay this year. The parish precept requirement for this year is £218,420. This is an increase of £33,420 from last year, and means an increase in your council tax bill as follows:  £10.97 a year, or 91p a month, if you occupy a band A (lowest rated) property,  £16.46 a year, or £1.37 a month, if you occupy a band D property,  £32.92 a year, or £2.74 a month if you occupy a band H (highest rated) property. The percentage rise is 17.54%. Last year the Precept was slightly reduced. Thus the increase in 2018/19 represents an 8.6% increase per year over the two years, 2017 to 2019.

The Parish Council would like to explain why we have asked for this sum from your council tax. Essentially, Great Shelford, and indeed the whole area, is experiencing unprecedented growth. As a result our village is feeling the stresses and strains. From the input we receive from you, we understand that there is a strong will for the parish council to do what it can to improve matters for the village.

There is little doubt that highways issues continue to dominate the village agenda: roads, traffic, pedestrian and cyclist safety, maintenance of roads and pavements, parking and so on. Previous years’ projects have only slowly got underway in 2017/18, and their completion and some related costs will inevitably run into 2018/19. The money allocated in previous years is set aside to cover these overrun projects. For 2018/19 we have budgeted to commission a professional investigation into the options for improving safety at the Granhams Road junction, and to pay for some mundane, but very necessary items such as road sweeping and drain clearing. As a result, highways spending represents a quarter – 27.7% – of our budgeted total expenditure.

The largest area of spending for 2018/19 centres around the Recreation Ground – 28.1% of our total expenditure. Over 2017/18, the appearance and facilities of the Recreation Ground have already been much improved, in conjunction with the village’s energetic and capable Playscape Group. Next year Playscape will continue to fundraise to provide better play provision. The Parish Council in turn aims to add some improvements of its own, with an upgrade to the Memorial Hall car park (with a few more parking spaces in consequence), with improved access and security. At the same time, with a large contribution from the Feast Committee, we plan to overhaul, relocate and replace the drains, power and water supplies from the car park (which serve the Memorial Hall, Sports Pavilion and the Recreation Ground), also adding internet access. The current services date back to the 1950s and are feeling their age. These are not glamorous improvements, but they will be of great benefit to all users, foremost among them the Shelford Feast, the largest attended single activity in the village (which provides valuable supporting funds to our local charities and groups). As with highways, previous year’s projects were started in 2017/18 but their completion and some related costs will run into 2018/19. The money allocated in previous years is set aside to cover these projects. We further hope, in 2018/19, to consider the possibility of providing a public toilet on the Recreation Ground and, to providing a seating area with decking around the Pavilion.

The Parish Council still aspires to acquire more recreation space, as the recreation ground really isn’t big enough. To that end we have again made a contribution to reserves of £30,000. Contributions from developers – called Section 106 contributions – have in the past provided an important funding source for such projects, but we do not expect to receive any contributions from new local building developments in the 2018/19 financial year. Section 106 funding contributed 10.9% or £34,885 to last year’s budget, and thus allowed us to peg last year’s precept. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuing to accumulate a pot of money to allow us to contemplate purchasing Grange Field, the field beside the recreation ground, should it (or any other suitable recreation land space) become available.

Inevitably the Budget includes all the traditional items of general maintenance and administration associated with the village – salaries, the ongoing costs of running the Recreation Ground, Sports Pavilion, sports pitches, parish cemetery and other facilities or maintenance of a large village of 4,000 plus residents. Savings have been made where possible, with many budget items reduced by a small % to try and limit the increase in Precept for 2018/19, without having a dramatic impact on village services.

We are always reluctant to increase the Precept, but hope you feel that the improvements will be to your benefit. Great Shelford continues, deservedly, to be a very popular village, because of its vibrant community and excellent facilities. The Parish Council is seeking to do everything in its power to make sure the village continues to be a good place to live.

Here are the detailed figures for next year’s budget supporting the 2018/2019 Precept (click picture to enlarge):

The Pie charts below show the distribution of expenditure and the funding received as values and percentage for the 2018/19 Budget and Precept (click picture to enlarge).

Woollards Lane Car Park Closure Tuesday 6th February 2018

The car park between Woollards Lane and walkway access to Shelford Medical Centre will be closed for access on Monday 5th February from 1800hrs to at least midday on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

The white parking lines, disabled parking bay and no parking areas will be repainted during the Tuesday. The car park will be reopened asap after the work is completed. No parking during this period is essential to complete the work successfully and safely by our contractor.

The disabled parking bay in the Memorial Hall car park will also be repainted at the same time but will only restrict that bay and adjacent bays during the process.

Great Shelford Highways Improvements Starting 12th February 2018

Resulting from many Village consultations and discussions over the past two years, initially led by current Chair Mike Nettleton and latterly by Highways Chair Barrie Ashurst, the Parish Council have eventually secured all the necessary authority to progress many Highways improvements around the village.

The initial work of providing a pedestrian crossing with parking arrangement changes will be contained within Woollards Lane and is likely to last from 12th February until 23rd February 2018. Traffic signals will be in place and there will be night closures of Woollards Lane in order to undertake some kerb widening and lining. Access to both Woollards Lane Car Parks will be available but restricted by the traffic lights and the night closure.

Improvements to Church Street parking arrangements will be undertaken on 19/20th February 2018. These works will cause some additional disruption to traffic flow.

Roadside lining work on other areas will take place shortly after the 23rd February 2018 these areas are:

  • Westfield Road
  • Stonehill Road
  • High Green
  • Maris Green
  • Elms Avenue / Tunwells Lane
  • Buristead Road / High Street
  • Ashen Green / High Street
  • Hinton Way / Mingle Lane
  • Cambridge Road

The new 20 mph speed limit and signage will also be introduced covering:

  • High Street
  • Church Street
  • Woollards Lane
  • Ashen Green
  • Buristead Road
  • Spinney Drive
  • King’s Mill Lane

The Village improvement work will inevitably cause delays and inconvenience but please be patient; it has taken nearly 2 years to get the improvements to this implementation stage.

All improvements will be reviewed after a period of operation to identify any other topics that may require future attention.