Neighbourhood Plan Meeting on October 5th at 6:00pm

The Stapleford and Great Shelford Neighbourhood Plan steering group will meet again this Thursday 5th October at 6.00pm in the community room at Cox’s Close in Stapleford.

We are a very informal group and all members of the community are welcome to join us. Indeed, we depend on your ideas as to how you would like the villages to look in 20 years’ time, and what improvements you would like to see. Some of you have already submitted ideas at our various consultation events, and we have tried to take these into account in the proposals being drawn up by our four “spotlight groups”.

For this meeting we are joined by Mark Deas of Cambridgeshire ACRE, who is now retained by the group to advise us on the development of the plan. Mark also put together the housing needs surveys for the two parish councils, and some of you will have met him at the open meeting on affordable housing (Great Shelford, 5th September).

Mark will be providing support for the spotlight groups, to run a “scoping workshop” later in the year, to help us put the various ideas into a workable plan.

We look forward to seeing you again, to hearing more of your ideas for our villages, and your reaction to the ideas we have put together so far.

Former Parish Clerk Wenda Burbidge Passes Away

The Parish Council is sad to announce that Wenda Burbidge died peacefully at home on Sunday August 27th.

Wenda was our Parish Clerk from 1991 to 2014, a role she carried out with calm efficiency and dedication, even after significant surgery. Wenda was a valued support to all the parish councillors serving during those years and to our village man.

The funeral will take place at St Mary’s Church on Monday September 18th at 2pm. Family flowers only, but donations can be made to the Arthur Rank Hospice.

The Parish Council send our condolences to Geoff and the family.

Recreation Ground to be Sprayed for Weeds on September 5th

The Recreation Ground will be sprayed with weed-killer on September 5th, starting early morning and ending at approximately 8:30AM. The materials being used are harmless to animals, but have an unpleasant odour whilst being sprayed. Please do not walk in the immediate areas being sprayed for your own comfort.  The sprayed area will be overseen by our contractor as it moves around the recreation ground. As an additional safety precaution, please observe all instruction issued by our contractor on site.

Emergency Defibrillator Installed Outside Tesco Express

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been installed in a secure cabinet next to the Tesco Express. This device is for delivering life-saving electric shocks to those suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a heart attack that renders the victim unconscious. While most ambulances are fitted with AEDs, using the device on a SCA victim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive will significantly improve their chances of survival.  The AED has clear instructions and safeguards that prevent improper use. As such, no medical training is required to use an AED. In order to open the secure cabinet, please call 999 or 112 and request the access code and an ambulance dispatch. The Great Shelford Parish Council would like to thank the Shelford Support Group for their generous contribution towards the AED. Click here for more information about how and when to use AEDs.

Neighbourhood Plan Survey Meeting Called for September 5th

Your two Parish Councils have agreed to formulate a joint Neighbourhood Plan. There are a number of benefits from doing this, not least that it will give us more control over decisions on planning and development in the two villages, rather than those decisions being taken for us by the District and County Councils. This is crucial for both villages.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has already conducted extensive consultations with residents. A major part of the jigsaw is the Housing Needs Survey, which was circulated to all residents in the Spring. On 5th of September at 7pm you will have your chance to review and comment on the survey in the Memorial Hall. Please do make every effort to come along – it is your chance to influence the way in which your villages develop.

Results of the Housing Needs Surveys can be found here. Physical copies can also be found at the Great Shelford Library.

If you need further information or details of the meeting, please contact Mike Nettleton on 721366/07905 356468.

Nigel Pett – Chair Stapleford Parish Council

Mike Nettleton – Chair Great Shelford Parish Council