Grant Applications


Application for Grant for Voluntary Organisations

Local Government Act 1972, Section 137

Please note that this application will not be considered unless it is accompanied by a copy of the latest set of annual accounts showing the organisations income, expenditure and level of balances. If the organisation does not prepare annual accounts, copies of the bank statements covering the previous twelve months must be enclosed. 1. Name of Organisation
2. Contact Name



3. Telephone Number of Contact
4. E-Mail of Contact
5. Is the Organisation a Registered Charity?

If so Registration Number?

6. Amount of grant requested

with objective dates

Multiple Annual payments can be requested

£ Date

£ Date

£ Date

£ Date

7. For what purpose or project is the grant requested? Full details.
8. What will be the total cost of the above project? £
9. If the total cost of the project is more than the grant, how will the residue be financed? £
10. Have you applied or received a grant for the same project to another organisations?

If so, which organisations and how much?

11. Who in total will benefit from the project?
12. Approximately how many of those who will benefit are parishioners?