Traffic & Transport Issues

Several transport infrastructure projects will have or are likely to have an impact on Great Shelford. The Parish Council is normally aware of these and tries to keep up to date and to represent the interests and views of residents. However, as projects may be steered by different organisations external to the parish, such as Network Rail or the Greater Cambridge Partnership, it can be difficult to assess the interactions between projects and their cumulative impact.

While some of these projects may be welcome in their own right, we need to ensure that they and local development plans do not adversely affect the quality of life for our residents. To help us represent the views of residents, we are working to inform (ie. share the information we have and the current Parish Council position), consult (i.e. seek comment and feedback on issues as they become clear and point residents towards consultation being undertaken by other bodies) and form policies which define how we want the village to look and feel in the future.

Please explore this information and share it with others so that together we can shape the future of Great Shelford.

Thank you.

Malcolm Watson, Chair, Great Shelford Parish Council

These are projects piloted from outside the village. We also have problems of traffic flow, parking, and pedestrian and cycle safety within the village, and we will be soliciting your views on how to tackle these, which are more within our own control.

Current Transport Infrastructure Projects

Current Traffic and Access Issues

Village Traffic issues

GSPC Survey to gauge local opinion โ€“ have your say:

Sawston Greenway

GSPC Survey to gauge local opinion โ€“ have your say:

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